We arrived safely in Kauai Saturday night and drove to the north shore to our airbnb. It was a tricky drive in the dark because of all of the one-way bridges, but Nicole was a great navigator. The house was a few miles west of Hanalei, and we had a guest room below the main house. We woke up early Monday to try and hike the Na Pali Coast along the Kalalau trail but it was unfortunately closed because of the incoming tropical depression. Instead, we hiked the Okoleao trail that took us up above Hanalei Bay.


We had a great lunch in Hanalei courtesy of Scott and Chrissy; they gave us several gift cards at various spots on the island; thanks guys! Since we couldn’t hike the Na Pali Coast, we were determined to see it another way. We scheduled a helicopter tour for the next morning. Yet again, we were foiled by rain and had to reschedule the tour. The afternoon cleared and we spent it on the beach outside of our airbnb.

We got up early Tuesday and went south as we were hoping to do a catamaran tour of the coast. The afternoon was beautiful so we were able to spend 4 hours out on the water. We were in luck this morning and spent an hour seeing the island from the sky. Our favorite part was going down into Mount Wai'ale'ale Crater; Nicole has a video up on Instagram. We are back in Oahu for a night to see the nightlife in Honolulu and then heading back to San Diego tomorrow.


  • Nicole Image

    August 30th, 2015 Nicole says :

    Thanks, Nancy! We are having a great time and are using our going away gifts every day! We are really looking forward to heading over to Italy in October, as well. I hope the school year is going well so far! I know you are taking care of business as usual!

  • Nancy Stout Image

    August 27th, 2015 Nancy Stout says :

    What a beautiful photo...you both look so happy! Nicole, we miss you so much. Emily is great, but as Elvis says, ""She's not you."