Yosemite is a huge park; I think it deserves at least week to properly explore it. We drove in from the east entrance and drove to the west side of the park. We stopped north of Yosemite Valley and did a quick hike before making our way to our campground. We didn’t want to deal with bear canisters in the back country so we stuck to campgrounds.


We drove south along the western side of the park to our camp for the first night. It was a nice location on a river so we got to spend some time in the water. We sampled a few IPAs from the area but didn’t find anything fantastic. We went down into Yosemite Valley yesterday for a few waterfall hikes. They were awesome but very crowded; it took us three miles before we lost the majority of the crowd. The waterfall above is Nevada Falls.

We’ve seen a ton of Europeans in all the parks. It seemed that every person we passed was speaking a different language. We took a sample of ten groups that we passed and seven were speaking different languages. We have hit our limit of days camping in a row and are heading to San Francisco today to catch up with Spencer, a fellow Brighton Baron. We head down the coast this week aiming to be in San Diego by Friday.


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    August 13th, 2015 Chris says :

    I am learning a lot by reading your postings, thanks for sharing your updates.