The Narrows

We got to Zion National Park on Tuesday, and it was about 103 degrees. A bit warmer than we wanted but we set up camp and hung out for the afternoon. We went to the back country office and got the last two permits to hike The Narrows from the top down on Wednesday. We were hoping to hike it on Thursday to recover a bit more but could only get permits for Wednesday.

The Narrows

We turned in early Tuesday night for our Wednesday hike, but were woken up about 2:00am by very strong winds. We are used to high elevation camping so were immediately ready for a storm. It turns out the cooling of the rocks in the park generate some change in pressure that causes the winds each night. If you know more, we'd love to hear!

We got a ride to the top of the canyon at about 6:00am Wednesday and hiked for about 9 hours down into the park. It was great, but we were exhausted by the end. We decided to head north to the Salt Lake area today as it was heating up early in Zion.


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